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Our Ping Tree Lead Management Software Features

Lead Distribution

PingPostCRM delivers leads in real-time to your client’s CRM, Custom API or Email. Campaigns are easily configured to post qualified leads directly into any system. Our delivery methods include HTTP Post, SOAP and Direct Email. With PingPostCRM, integrating with your client’s system does not require hiring a programmer. Our simple interface will allow you to deliver leads of any vertical within 5 minutes.

Client Management

PingPostCRM allows you to fully manage your clients and the relationships that you have with them all from one place in the system. From one access point within the system, you have the ability to control all of the information for how you contact and do business with your clients. This includes building a full client profile (name, email, physical address, phone numbers, etc.) and enter in notes or upload documents or contracts. You also have the ability to create lead delivery campaigns and control the number of leads that they receive on either a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis based on lead caps or payment balances.

Client Portal

Every time you configure a new client, in PingPostCRM, you are given the option to allow them access to the Client Portal. Our Client Portal provides your clients with real-time access to view active campaigns, leads purchased, fund their account, pay invoices, and various reports.

Vendor Management

PingPostCRM also allows you to fully manage your vendors and their respective relationships all from one place in the system. From this access point, you have the ability to control all of the contact information for your vendors. This includes building a full vendor profile (name, email, physical address, phone numbers, etc.) and adding notes and documents or contracts related o your vendor. You also have the ability to control how you account for all of the leads that you purchase from them. Most importantly, you can quickly generate campaigns and send post specifications to allow them to easily integrate into your PingPostCRM.

Vendor Portal

When configuring new lead vendors in PingPostCRM you are given the option to allow them access to the Vendor Portal. Our Vendor Portal provides your vendors with real-time access to view active campaigns, download integration specifications, view leads sold, and various reports.

Sales Portal

The Sales Portal provides an easy way for your sales person to track lead sales for clients they have signed up with your company. Through the sales portal, they can also process client lead returns and search for leads sold to clients they have signed up..

CRM Portal

PingPostCRM CRM provides an efficient way for you to manage your call center verified leads. Lead can be delivered to your custom CRM, from your vendors or websites, and then be verified before sold to the proper client.

Bulk Import

Aged leads often produce great results. PingPostCRM allows you to import these aged leads into their corresponding vertical. Our import engine is intuitive and fast; on average our system can import 100,000 records per second.

Bulk Export

If you sell aged leads in bulk, PingPostCRM makes the process extremely simple. Select the vertical, client, filters and price; within seconds your client will receive the data and an invoice in their inbox.

Advanced Reporting

Our real-time reports will not leave you guessing which campaigns are performing well. Upon logging into PingPostCRM your dashboard will present you with a summary of activity by vertical, client, and vendor. Advanced reports include detailed transaction and campaign reports.

File Management

When dealing with leads on a daily basis with multiple vendors and clients it is easy to become disorganized. With PingPostCRM all of your files that are imported or exported are organized with the client or vendor and the appropriate vertical. You organized files are available for download at anytime.

Auto Responders

Stay in touch with your leads by using PingPostCRM auto responders. Configure personalized email messages for web forms, vendor campaigns and even when you sell a lead to a client. Email marketing is an important step in nurturing your leads.

Call Tracking

Our call tracking allows you to track inbound and outbound phone calls either generated from your own marketing efforts or sent from your vendors. PingPostCRM may be configured to capture and store the caller id information, play recordings, capture responses and send SMS text messages.

Call Routing

If you or your vendors generate phone leads you can easily route them to your internal sales team or sell them to one of your clients. Our call routing technology supports dynamic filters and may be distributed in a specific order or in a round-robin distribution model. Recordings are always available whether you are tracking or routing calls and may be delivered with the data portion of the lead itself.

Lead Forms

In today’s market, most companies rely heavily on online lead generation for new customer acquisition. There are numerous strategies for lead generation on the internet including email marketing, banner/display ads, social marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC and telemarketing via call centers. No matter the method to obtain customer interest in the product or service, the lead is captured via an online form.

Custom Field Definitions

PingPostCRM makes is easy to create custom field definitions. Choose the size and type of data you are collecting, select from multiple dynamic data controls, control requirement, add validation or duplicate checking, or even configure default values for your custom field definitions. For fields collecting sensitive information, PingPostCRM allows you to mask the values to ensure high level of security.

Host & Post Lead Software

PingPostCRM allows for easy integration with your custom web forms. With our intuitive campaign configuration, it only takes minutes to generate easy to follow posting instructions to integrate with your website or landing pages. Campaigns can be easily configured to post qualified leads to directly to any system.

Call Center Integration

Call center verified leads add value to the leads delivered to your clients. Whether you outsource your call center needs or handle it internally, PingPostCRM will easily integrate with most dialing platforms. As soon as the agent submits the lead it is delivered in real-time to the appropriate client(s).

Ping / Post

Most vendors have become leery of sending over data only to receive a duplicate lead rejection response. Our ping option allows your vendors to send only the unique identifier for a lead i.e. Phone Number. PingPostCRM will return an immediate response indicating whether the lead is unique.

Lead Exclusivity

Not all leads are created equally and lead exclusivity is a major factor. PingPostCRM allows you to control the exclusivity of leads for each of your client campaigns. Some options include: Fully Exclusive, Semi Exclusive, and Non Exclusive.


Some clients will only accept leads during normal business hours. PingPostCRM allows you to configure your client and vendor campaigns to restrict acceptance and delivery during off hours. Leads may become stale if they sit too long, scheduling keeps your leads fresh at all times.

Advanced Routing

PingPostCRM offers advanced filtering options throughout the system. If your targeted audience is geo specific or maybe you are only interested in certain income brackets, PingPostCRM will ensure you are only buying and selling leads that match your filters.

Ping Tree

In the Payday vertical it is very common to deliver leads through a ping tree. Once the lead enters the system, it offers that lead to the highest bidder and works its way down the tree until a buyer is found. In PingPostCRM, a Ping Tree can be setup and configured in minutes.

Lead Verification

Why pay for fake leads. With lead verification and lead scoring you can ensure you are only paying for the leads that pass these tests. PingPostCRM will allow you to integrate with 3rd party systems such as Targus, eBureau and Xverify.

Lead Management

PingPostCRM lead management capabilities are extremely robust. You can search for leads, in any of your configured verticals, with ease. Search options range from lead status, lead source, sales, dates, fields and data filters. Easily preview your leads and then select an action to perform. With a click of a button, you can export, sell, post to your clients, return, undo return, change lead status or delete leads.

Store Front

PingPostCRM Store Front allows you to monetize on your aged data. With a few clicks of the button, you can configure a place for your clients to come and purchase leads. With powerful filtering capabilities, on field data, age of the lead and number of times sold, you can create the right price points to monetize your aged data.

Email Campaigns

PingPostCRM’s Email Campaign Manager allows you to send out messages at specific times, to your leads, or after a specified period of time from a lead’s creation date. The Email messages provide robust tools to filter down to the specific leads you would like a message to be sent to and when to send it. This allows you to create customized Email drip campaigns.

SMS Campaigns

Ping Post CRM’s SMS Campaign Manager allows you to send out messages at specific times, to your leads, or after a specified period of time from a lead’s creation date. The SMS text messages provide robust tools to filter down to the specific leads you would like a message to be sent to and when to send it. This allows you to create customized SMS message drip campaigns.