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We Build Customized Lead Management System.

Whether you want online lead tracking  and distribution software or you’re switching from another system – you will like the customization available with PingPostCRM. We’re here to help you succeed in your business.

Dynamic Lead Bidding

The software will only buy the leads you want at the specific price you want and always sell your leads for their maximum value you set.

Ping Post Margins

Identify your ‘piece of the pie’ and allow the system to intelligently handle the calculations.

Advanced Options

Additional routing and bidding options for advanced ping post logic. Our round robin lead distribution allows you setup logic behind the delivery of the leads.

Basics of Ping Post

Are you new to ping post? Explore the process and your options in greater detail.

Selling Ping Post Leads

Configure your system to automatically sell your leads via ping post.

Buying Ping Post Leads

Use the system to simply buy ping post leads or aggregate traffic to sell in real-time.


Our clients sell leads and employ the Leads Distribution Software to handle their back office tasks. A number of our clients only sell internet leads. Others only sell telephone calls. A number of our clients sell both internet leads and telephone calls. We don’t get one system for debt leads and the other for education leads and another for selling telephone calls. The core concept is same, you need to sell leads and you’ll need a system that will help you keep an eye on your company. Our solutions solve this problem. Read more on features page.

Ping Post Software For Lead Generation Companies

Capture, Validate & Deliver Leads in Real-Time

  • Multiple lead distirbution options.

  • Phone , street address and email address verification & validation.

  • Different delivery methods, delivery schedules and delivery caps.

  • Run multiple distribution programs via a customized lead distribution engine.

  • Gain valuable insights with comprehensive reporting and metrics monitoring.

  • Work with any lead verticals with custom fields and custom validations.

features for lead generation companies

For Networks

Flexibility to run your own network

  • Easily manage unlimited affiliates and advertisers.

  • Understand the performance of your network with real-time data.

  • Measure the results of your campaigns with A/B testing.

  • Get real-time attribution modeling.

  • Different payout models (CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPS and CPIC).

For Call Tracking & Routing

Build Complex Routing Rules & Payout Models

  • Assign low-cost local, toll-free and true 1-800 numbers.

  • Display campaign based dynamic phone numbers.

  • Access extensive phone number tracking and reports.

  • Set call transfer schedules and delivery caps.

  • Play a whisper message to on call transfer.

  • Record phone calls.

For Advertisers

Multi-channel Tracking and Attribution

  • Track multi-channel performance based metrics.

  • Create unlimited, offers, campaigns, and users.

  • Apply attribution across multiple sources.

  • Implement fraud resistant controls.

  • Automate billing and invoicing.

Industry Sectors Our Software is Successfully Used.

Auto Insurance

Auto Finance

Debt Consolidation


Health Insurance

Home Improvement

Life Insurance



Credit Repair

New Car Purchase

Debt Settlement

One Performance Marketing Platform to Rule Them All